The information provided by Guaranteed-admissions.com and Vagan Tapaltsyan is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Guaranteed-admissions.com and Vagan Tapaltsyan cannot guarantee any particular information will be applicable or helpful for a client’s specific situation. Guaranteed-admissions.com and Vagan Tapaltsyan cannot guarantee it will improve a client’s chances of admission.

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These are the terms and conditions that cover the agreement between you, the client, and Guaranteed-admissions.com and Vagan Tapaltsyan (“I” or “me”).

Your consultant will be providing you advice in the areas of admissions applications, career advice and related subjects at your direction. Types of advice your consultant will provide include guidance on your personal statement, advice on application strategy, mock interviews, assistance in formulating a list of schools, etc. Your consultant will not write your personal statement for you. You will be fully responsible for your application, personal statement, resume, interview, application strategy, meeting deadlines, choice of schools, etc. I cannot guarantee any particular outcome.

You or I may terminate our agreement at any time for any reason. You may be eligible for a partial refund as detailed in the Refund terms below.

All information that you provide to your consultant will be kept confidential. Please review the privacy policy which is incorporated into this agreement.

All purchases include all usual office and communication expenses. This includes all Skype-to-Skype calls and traditional phone calls within the U.S. Other expenses will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Travel is not included, for example, for face-to-face interviews; contact your consultant for the billing policy for travel.

The free 10 minute consultation is for one-time use by new clients for the purpose of answering questions about the structure of consulting provided by Guaranteed-admissions.com and Vagan Tapaltsyan. 

This agreement can only be modified by us in writing.


Advising services may be purchased either: 1) on a per-hour basis or 2) by fixed-price package.
If you purchase time on an hourly basis, time is purchased in advance in one-hour increments. You may purchase additional time at the rate in effect at the time of the purchase of the additional time. Time expires 6 months from the date of the most recent purchase.  Billable work includes: reading and providing comments about your personal statement; reading and responding to emails; phone conversations; mock interviews; research; and other similar work. Clerical work, coordinating appointments, billing activities, and similar administrative work are not billable time and will not be deducted from your purchased time. In the event you miss an appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, half of the scheduled appointment time will be deducted from your balance. Your consultant will periodically provide a summary of time used and remaining balance. Your consultant will also provide you a summary of time used and remaining balance at your request.
If you have purchased a fixed-price package, it must be purchased in advance. Work is limited to the tasks and guidelines indicated in the package offer. The package expires twenty-four months from the date of purchase and is not transferable.


Only the Complete Application Package service is eligible for a 90% refund. Hourly Consulting and Personal Statement services are not eligible for a refund. Partial refund in the amount of 90% of the total cost of the Complete Application Package. Additionally purchased hours of consultation will not be eligible for a refund. In order to qualify for the 90% refund, the client has to demonstrate that the client did not gain admission to a dental school within the application cycle during which the consulting service was provided. If the applicant chooses to withdraw from the application cycle following commencement of the consulting service he or she will not be eligible for a refund.