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Comprehensive Help with Your Application

Comprehensive package includes:​

  • Bespoke live advice – 2.5 hours of live brainstorming and application review vie phone or Skype

  • Interview – a 30 min live mock interview

  • Pre-application planning – pre-requisite classes, course load, extracurricular activities and volunteering, and clinical experience.

  • Creation of an application timeline – personalized strategy for a successful application submission

  • DAT – advice on studying and timing of the exam

  • School-specific advice – admission stats, application tailoring, insider advice

  • Personal Statement –advice on how craft a personal statement that will make the admission committee members will fall in love. Includes unlimited number of drafts.

  • AADSAS and TMDSAS comprehensive application review and edit (up to three edits)

  • Letters of Recommendation – advice on how to select the right writers and the right and wrong ways of asking for a letter (and how it can affect the content of the letter).